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How to Buy Exterior Facade Lighting – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

The facade is a specifically designed exterior wall meant to make a structure standout amongst other buildings. Architectural Exterior facade lighting is a process of creating a beautiful face for the building. This guide carefully covers all the important aspects concerning facade lighting to help you get started with your project.


What is Exterior Facade lighting?

Exterior facade lighting is the modern light designing for the exterior of any architecture. It includes all types of buildings such as malls, museums, residential structures, etc. Modern architecture with its innovative technology and creative designs can create gorgeous faces for different buildings. These structures are mostly built as curtain walls, meaning they are separate walls attached to the main edifice.

These curtain walls are all designed intricately, with doors, windows, abstract designs, amongst other things. You can use exterior facade lighting to light up small nooks and crannies of these designs, allowing the entire face of the structure to be visible after sundown.

There is an abundance of lighting fixtures, techniques, and methods to boost your architecture’s presence when the sun goes down.

Benefits of Exterior Facade lighting

Facade lighting is a specifically designed light that aims to bring the exterior of your architecture to life! Ranging in varieties from facade floodlights to facade ground lights, you are sure to find the perfect fit for any facade.

  • Facade architectural lighting will dramatically improve your business and invite hoards of visitors every day. People are attracted by beautiful art and design.
  • Exterior facade lighting creates a sense of security, reducing the number of accidents and crimes in the surrounding area.
  • Facade LED lights are utterly devoid of light pollution. Using LED facade lights not only boosts the image of your architecture but is also environmentally friendly. Using these lights will keep any environmental activists happy. This option also makes the overall lighting theme very organic and green!

In the next section, we have discussed how LED architectural facade lighting is your best choice for lighting up the exterior.

What Are the Different Types of Exterior facade Lighting?

Exterior facade lighting is predominantly used to create security and visibility around the building in the dark. In most cases, the main purpose is only to enhance the aesthetics of the architectural elements and accentuate unique features on the exterior. There are different types of lighting fixtures used today.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) facade Lighting

HID is a broad term that covers different types of gas-discharge lamps such as high-pressure sodium, low-pressure sodium, mercury vapor, ceramic Metal Halide, etc. These lamps use the phenomena of warming up in which heat is generated to melt the material inside the tubes and turn to plasma. HID lamps are now becoming obsolete owing to the many downsides, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Energiekosten

HID lamps are available in wattages ranging from 100 to 1000W. Compared to LEDs, HID lamps consume a lot of power to generate the amount of luminance that a 10W LED can easily generate. HID lamps demand regular maintenance and replacements. Although the initial cost is low but HID, lamps will cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

  • Poor Colors

Exterior facade lighting demands flexibility in the colors, color intensities, and hues. HID lamps give off warm color temperatures 1900K-2200K (red, orange, and yellow), which can create a jarring effect on the eyes and doesn’t look pleasant in all cases. The poor color rendering index (20-25) can downgrade the color visibility in security cameras and the overall look of the exterior facade.

  • Energieverschwendung

HID lamps emit about 30% of infrared radiation that is of no use. Hence, all this energy simply goes to waste. Some HID lighting bulbs emit UV radiations that are hazardous to the human eye and can cause diseases in the long run.

  • Omnidirectional

HID lamps produce light that spreads in all directions (360°), wasting 15% of energy. This characteristic is not desired in many applications. For exterior facade lighting, directional lighting is used to enhance the facades. A 360° spread fails to create the desired output and, in addition, wastes the light energy.

  • Giftige Materialien

HID lamps are made of toxic materials. The most common is mercury which is simply poisonous to the environment. Due to this, HID lamps must be disposed of carefully once they are rendered useless.


It is no secret that most lighting projects now opt for LEDs as LEDs are far better than HID lamps in almost all respects. LEDs have taken the lighting industry by storm.

  • Energie sparen

With LEDs, you can easily save 70-80% energy as compared to HID and traditional lamps. LEDs use high-end technology, thus making them durable and long-lasting. They have more than 80000+ rated hours.

  • Kosten sparen

LEDs consume less power and produce greater illuminance compared to HID lamps. This saves tremendous amounts of money in the long run. You can save 80% of your electricity bills. With LEDs, you don’t need to worry about maintenance costs and regular replacements of the bulbs. LEDs easily last 10-25 years.

  • Große Auswahl an Farben

LEDs come in a plethora of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. You can decorate your exterior with the finest design using any color, brightness, and light intensity you desire. The color temperatures can range between 2000K-6000K.

  • Gerichtete Beleuchtung

The directional lighting of LEDs makes it the best choice for facade lighting as in exterior lighting designs. Directional fixtures are used to highlight special features such as pillars, vertical elements, windows, walls, entrance, etc. HID can only provide omnidirectional light, which reduces its uses in light designing.

How To Design LED Exterior Facade Lighting?

Designing exterior lighting involves many factors that must be considered beforehand. It is wise to ask yourself a few important questions before starting the project, such as:

  • Was möchtest du anzünden?
  • Wie möchtest du es anzünden?

Was soll ich anzünden?

The facade lighting doesn’t involve lighting every part of the building. Designers point out the focal areas on the facade, such as pillars, windows, special walls, roofs, alcoves, etc., that need to be illuminated. Once you decide what elements you will be highlighted, the next step is to decide which fixture can light it up.

Perhaps certain parts of the facade are entirely out of view. Perhaps streetlights or lighting from nearby buildings is defining some parts of the architecture. There are endless possibilities; therefore, be ready to receive varying results for different types of architectures!

We recommend that the best option is to use architectural facade lighting that can illuminate the dark parts of the facade, like, for say, designs that are out of streetlight reach. Similarly, you can highlight a facade with columns through lighting that accentuates the artful structures.

How to light?

Every exterior demands a different lighting approach. An office must be lit differently than a museum or a restaurant. A shopping mall would require a great mass of flashy lights; a cinema would require similar lights. A residential building could suffice well with simplistic lightings highlighting the structure and the street as a precaution for spotting intruders.

When a building is designed, certain factors are kept in mind during all the following phases. You need to ensure that the lighting does not take away from the factors but instead adds to them to cohesively all the architect’s vision to come to fruition.

Different lighting effects can be created by using different LED lamps. Each serves a specific purpose.

  • LED-Wand Unterlegscheiben

Wall washing is the widely used lighting technique in architectural facade lighting that results in a simple yet stunning exterior design. Wall washing, as the name suggests, results in beautiful and smooth illumination of the wall, highlighting its texture and/or creating a smooth exterior and removing shadows. By selecting suitable lighting specifications, you can create a wall-washing effect easily.

LED wall washers are installed on/at the top of the ceiling, at least 12 inches away from the wall, to be illuminated so that the light spread smoothly covers the whole wall and washes it with light. Wandfluter are situated at a certain distance from each other to spread the light at large beam angles.

  • Wall Grazing Effect

Another effect that an LED wall washer can create is wall grazing which highlights the texture on the wall. The fixture is placed close to the wall at a narrow beam angle to create shadows and accentuate the flaws of the wall. This is mostly done to enhance the carvings and designs of the wall.

In such a case, the positioning of the light matters a lot. The best position will perfectly highlight the textures of the wall.

LED wall washers are not only used for illuminating ceilings and walls but also to highlight other elements such as pillars, windows, and doors. Apart from architectural elements, you can also highlight surrounding elements such as trees, foliage, stone benches, statues, etc.

Make sure there are no hanging elements on the wall, wall grazing must not create a lot of shadows, or it can give off an unpleasant look.

Use RGB or RGBW LED wall washers to create a mix of beautiful hues.

  • LED Floodlights/Spotlights

LED floodlights and spotlights are majorly considered for highlighting pillars, walls, artwork, and other architectural details.

LED-Scheinwerfer cast a wide-angle illumination, covering a bigger area. The beam angles can vary between 60°-120°. On the other hand, LED spotlights can highlight a narrow area sharply. These fixtures have beam angles up to 45°.

Floodlights are used to highlight bigger elements such as statues, trees, etc. You can use spotlights for accentuating precise details on the front elevation of your project.

While designing the lighting, measuring beam width is not helpful. It is best practice to measure beamwidth in feet. A simple formula to work this out is:

Beam Angle*0.018*Distance from LED bulb= Beam Width

If your LED floodlight has a 100° beam angle, then to know how wide your beam will be from 15 feet distance, use the above formula.

100*0.018*15=27 feet.

How to Choose LED Exterior Facade Lighting?

LED lighting is the best way to create the beautiful frontal elevation of any project. If you have halogen bulbs and HID lamps, we suggest you think again! You can save a huge amount of money, and create dynamic designs with low cost yet highly durable LED wall washers, LED floodlights, LED spotlights, Linear wall washers, etc.

Before you get confused in calculating the requirements for facade lights, here’s a tip. It is not worth calculating facade lighting through lux levels since its main idea emphasizes specific platforms. Luminance is something you need to consider since it alludes to the brightness of the lights.

The Building Structure

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing to light. What type of building structure do you need to light up? Does the building have columns or columns? Is the texture compatible with the lights? Or does it have an intricate design you want to emphasize?

Defining the structure of the building is a very crucial step that needs to be well thought out before anything.


Architectural frontal lighting usually uses warm color temperatures between the range of 2700K-3500K. The exterior facades look best with warm highlights that are easy on the viewer’s eyes. You cannot use jarringly high color temperatures up to 6000K for architectural facade lighting. Such is used for creating high security and visibility in structures like hospitals, offices, malls, etc.

Minimale Lichtverschmutzung

Select the lights that would reduce light pollution. You may be required to observe the surrounding buildings and how they are being illuminated. If your project is right at the center of an illuminated city, then consider using lesser lumens and just highlight the main parts of your exterior.

Considering Beam Angles

While selecting LED wall washers, the project area and distance play a crucial role. The beam throw is directly related to the power and brightness of the wall washer. Select a higher power LED wall washer for a brighter and narrow lens angle.

You can always request the photometric analysis of the lighting products to grasp a better idea of brightness level and beam angles.


Exterior facade lighting should have a high IP Rating to save them from weather, water, and tough environmental conditions. You must ensure both IP (Ingress Protection) rating and IK rating (durability of electrical components) of your LED exterior lighting fixtures.

IP65 or more and IK10 are the best for your outdoor facade elevation.

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